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  1. Reed Switch: CT05 (5mm / 5W) and CT10 (10mm / 10W) are designed for SMD mounting and is available in Gull Wing or J-Lead configurations,

   and axial configurations for CT10.

   2. Coto relays: Capable of carrying up to 6 Amps, and can provide switching currents up to 4 Amps along with 10-15 KV switching.

   3. The CotoMOS® solid state series is available in various package styles that include a 4-, 6- and 8-pin DIP, in through-hole and surface

   mount packages. Additionally, 4- and 8-pin SOP surface mount packages are available.   Capable of switching from 40V up to 600V,

   the current switching capability ranges from 30mA to 4.5A.



  Coto Technology is the worldwide leader of small signal switching products sold into the Automatic Test Equipment, Data Acquisition, Instrumentation,

  Process Control, Telecommunications, Medical and Security markets.

  Our Classic line of Relays & Switches contains a wide range of form and function. And all of our products are 100% tested!


  CotoMOS® relays are a reliable and readily-available switching solution by Coto Technology. Utilizing highly-reliable, custom-designed MOSFET

  technology, CotoMOS® relays provide a high-performance, solid state solution for applications requiring low input power and virtually unlimited life.

  Ideally suited to the needs of industrial controls, security, metering, instrumentation and automatic test equipment, CotoMOS® relays are available in

  Form A, Form B, and Form A+B (Form C) form factors to service a wide range of switching requirements.


  Key feature

  Worldwide market leader of small signal switching products sold

  High quality and reliability products




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